T@CST is focused on photonics commercialisation.

Venue: House for an Art Lover, Glasgow. www.houseforanartlover.co.uk

The T@CST forum is focused on the successful commercialization of new, photonics and III V compound semiconductor technologies.

The T@CST forum seeks to coordinate knowledge, opinion, legislation, funding recommendation and influence for government and industry. All forum participants recognize the contribution key, enabling, photonics technologies can make to the UK’s GDP in this high-growth market.

T@CST forum meetings focus on the most significant, photonics technologies and include a keynote address from a leading, academic expert.

T@CST forum stakeholders are involved in the entire photonics development process, from Academics, Engineers and Businesses through to MPs, MEPs, MSPs, Funding Organizations and the Press. The critical steps necessary to take new, photonics technologies into mainstream, commercial applications are identified, such as new research, product development, industrial development and government funding. Each meeting concludes with estimating the cost, resources and time necessary to achieve these steps.

T@CST hopes to develop a centre of excellence for photonics in Scotland and attract the world’s best talent to the UK.

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