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Nishi Uggalle - Child Genius winner

Nishi Uggalle, the recent winner of Channel Four's Child Genius, the contest to find the UK's most gifted children, said she aimed to "show girls they can win things". Nishi, who is 12 and from Audenshaw, Manchester, wants to follow a career in Maths and Physics and hopes to attend Cambridge University. In her interview on Breakfast this morning she acknowledged some notable, female British physicists but did say she would like to see more female role models in science.

This was part of Carol Monaghan, MP's presentation in the Quantum forum last year. It was interesting that a 12 year-old girl said the same thing and that she hopes to be a positive influence for other girls. I wonder what the solution is - surely it rests with government to entice capable girls into science or is it down to industry to make science-based career options more appealing?

I think the most important single factor is role models. Its a human trait that we need to see people we can identify with doing something to give us the confidence to try it ourselves. So, if you are a young woman in technology, you can make more difference in this than a hundred middle aged men ever will.

Twelve-year-old Nishi Uggalle, the newly topped champion of Channel 4's Child Genius show, is said to have an IQ “higher than Einstein's

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