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Key enabler: Raise awareness of engineering career opportunity options.

Following Carol Monaghan MP's keynote at the 15th November T@CST forum on quantum technologies, I would agree that companies must address gender equality in both recruitment and employment. Indeed, we would happily employ more qualified engineers of any gender, if they were available. We have too few engineers in the first place. So the identified enabler of 'raising awareness of engineering career opportunity options' affects both male and female talent.

On top of this, within the photonics and III V compound semiconductor industry, we have noticed an age gap. There are sub 30-year olds, starting in Engineering, and many 50+ year old engineers running the businesses, with few in between. This has been exacerbated by the decline of silicon production over the last 15 years, contributing to an exodus of talent.

Young engineers who we have spoken to are finding there is also nowhere they can meet and share ideas with similar folk and they are feeling isolated. This is contributing to them leaving the profession altogether.


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