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Is IonQ the most powerful quantum computer?

Brian Wang ( interviewed Stewart Allen (CEO of IonQ) and concluded it might be the most powerful quantum computer in development.

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Some key facts I’ve picked out:

  • IonQ has received $22 million in funding from GV (Google Ventures), NEA (New Enterprise Associates) and Amazon AWS, so the company will not get restricted by lack of funds.
  • IonQ systems operate at room temperature.
  • IonQ expect to make 100-200 qubit modules and link them with optical interconnects.
  • IonQ has a confident path to scaling up to thousands of qubits.
  • The expected deployment of quantum computers is to have at least one per data center, because they generate so much data.
  • The company doesn’t intend releasing a commercial computer until they can support it without slowing down development.

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