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Is IonQ the most powerful quantum computer?

Brian Wang ( interviewed Stewart Allen (CEO of IonQ) and concluded it might be the most powerful quantum computer in development.

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Some key facts I’ve picked out:

  • IonQ has received $22 million in funding from GV (Google Ventures), NEA (New Enterprise Associates) and Amazon AWS, so the company will not get restricted by lack of funds.
  • IonQ systems operate at room temperature.
  • IonQ expect to make 100-200 qubit modules and link them with optical interconnects.
  • IonQ has a confident path to scaling up to thousands of qubits.
  • The expected deployment of quantum computers is to have at least one per data center, because they generate so much data.
  • The company doesn’t intend releasing a commercial computer until they can support it without slowing down development.

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IonQ introduces the successful development of two state-of-the-art quantum PCs with record-breaking performance. IonQ’s systems are the initial in the market that store data on individual atoms. They are more precise and can perform hard calculations than any quantum PC built to date. Quantum PCs connect the uncommon physics of very small particles—quantum mechanics—to fix issues that are afar the ability of conventional devices. Explore more about it from now. To gain this possibility, though, they must segregate and operate quantum systems to make quantum versions of PC bits, named qubits. Engineers all over the world have been racing to make PCs that can control more qubits, for longer calculations, and with fewer issues.

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