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Broad political engagement

There is always focus on ministers, which is good, but I feel the industry needs to develop a broader base of political support as ministers change frequently. Constituency MPs and MSPs are likely to have an interest in the businesses in their constituency, so I would recommend all ambitious technology businesses establish a relationship if they haven't already. If the sector can focus on a few key messages and ensure that their elected representatives understand these, this will be a great start. Is this already happening?  (Clearly, CST-G, at least, are engaging)

This is a very good point. Particularly in these turbulent political times. You only need to look at the plethora of Cabinet and Ministerial changes in Westminster over the last couple of years to recognise that spending a lot of time schmoozing a particular Minister is just another way of putting all of your eggs in one basket!

Ministerial influence is still important, but a broad based appreciation - across all interested political colours and flavours - of the relevance and potential of a tech company's products and services, is likely to be required to ensure political connections and support in the longer term.


Ronnie Smith

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